Edwards played 7 seasons in the NHL, most of it with the Red Wings.

He played only 15 games for the Penguins. This was a unique combination of a Lefty mask fitted to a Copper HM5. Palmateer wore a similar setup before entering the NHL with the Maple leafs.

Finished in a game worn likeness to the original mask and accessories.

Since 1993

Born : Seneca Township, Ontario, March 12, 1937
Died : August 16, 1999
Catches : Right
Weight : 165 lbs.
Height : 5' 8"

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At THC Vintage Mask we take pride in every mask we produce. We can replicate over three hundred different and unique vintage goalie masks both is a game worn finish and a pristine collectors finish. We are the finest in Vintage Goalie Masks.


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