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Les Binkley's Britt Style mask. 

Les only played a couple of games in the Higgins mask.

Most people thought hat the black areas underneath the eye cut-outs were painted on, however in fact they were indeed black stick tape 

Played for the Penguins from 1967 to 1972.

Higgins made two masks for Binkley, the first as shown above was too tight and was uncomfortable and Les said it was hard to see. 

The second mask was a little more comfortable and the eye openings were much bigger than the first mask.

In the last game he wore the higgins mask he was hit just under the left eye and the mask was fractured as shown i8n the picture above.

Since 1993

Born : Owen Sound, Ontario, June 6, 1934 
Catches : Right 
Weight : 175 lbs. 
Height : 6' 0" 
Last Amateur club : Kitchener Greenshirts (OHA) 

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Les Binkley History