In February of 2016 Gilles Meloche wore this THC Vintage Custom Molded Northstars goalie mask in the Stadium Series Alumni Outdoor Game against the Chicago Black Hawks. 

UPDATE: We got some clarification on the mask Meloche wore for the alumni game. It wasn't the exact mask he wore back in the 1970s, but rather a replica created by a company called THC Vintage Masks out of Edmonton, AB Canada. Meloche, who is a special assignment scout for the Pittsburgh Penguins, worked with Pens equipment manager Dana Heinze and THC to bring back the classic look. The process to recreate the classic lid started late in December and was completed in mid-February, just in time for him to don it outdoors.

This mask was custom made for Meloche for this very event

Finished in a game worn likeness to the original mask. 

Twincities - Meloche, who wore a replica of the mask he wore in Minnesota made by THC Vintage Mask, had the time of his life.

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Born : Montréal, Québec, July 12, 1950 
Catches : Left 
Weight : 185 lbs.
Height : 5' 9"
Last Amateur club : Verdun Jr. Maple leafs (QJHL)

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At THC Vintage Mask we take pride in every mask we produce. We can replicate over three hundred different and unique vintage goalie masks both is a game worn finish and a pristine collectors finish. We are the finest in Vintage Goalie Masks.


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