Our Creation Methods

To create a vintage goalie mask we utilize traditional methods comparable to what was performed by the legendary craftsmen whom created the original masks. However, to obtain the game worn and game used era appearance, that has on many occasions thought by perspective buyers to be original game worn masks. We most certainly exploit a series of nontraditional methods and techniques which have been developed over years of experience.


Our Story

Nothing special here, we began to produce vintage masks for a personal collection and the hobby grew into what it is today. Its still a hobby and will remain a hobby, we do not want to loose the perspective that every mask we produce is the best it can be. Business's strive to make a profit, we strive to perfect each and every mask for fulfillment and pleasure. We like what we do. Meet the team below. 

Kathy fiberglassing backplates


Tom finishing custom mold 2


Josh preparing for layup of masks