Replica Full Face Fiberglass Vintage Goalie Masks

Replica Vintage Goalie Masks. Finished in a remarkable game worn likeness to the original mask. Click on the button below or view the footer menu for all vintage goalie mask pages.

Full Face Fiberglass Vintage Goalie Mask Impact Study

Impact study on three different fiberglass vintage goalie masks from three different manufactures. Follow the link below for procedures and resulting conclusions.


To all our clients and well wishers we thank "all of you" for your wonderful messages and patience. Doing well and preparing to begin the next journey on creating new NHL team mask collections (Winnipeg Jets & Montreal Canadians). Please visit the site for updates on both collections and new vintage goalie masks being completed. Please call 7809378175  for quotes or email to


Replica Vintage Cage and Combo Goalie Masks

Replica Cage / Combo Vintage Goalie Masks. Finishes can come in either game worn or a pristine clear coat finish. Click on the button below or view the footer menu for all Cage vintage goalie mask pages.

Custom Molded Vintage Goalie Masks

Custom Molded Vintage Goalie Masks with Custom Paint Schemes. Click on the button below or view the footer menu for all Custom molded vintage goalie mask pages.


A Complete Penguins Collection of Replica Vintage Goalie Masks Between 1967 and 1989. Made by THC Vintage Masks and displayed at the Heinze History Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

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At THC Vintage Mask we take pride in every mask we produce. We can replicate over three hundred different and unique vintage goalie masks both is a game worn finish and a pristine collectors finish. We are the finest in Vintage Goalie Masks.

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Since 1993

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